Have you ever noticed how the right outfit can totally change your mood?

Below, I'll list a few closet must have pieces and some of my most comfortable and affordable finds. From the perfect pair of jeans to the edgy blazer and comfiest shoes (that match practically everything), I've got you covered.

First...Remember that, comfort is key

Now, I don't know about you, but when I'm not feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing, it shows. I'm constantly fidgeting, adjusting, and tugging at my clothes, and let's face it, no one likes feeling like a stuffed sausage. 

That's why I always say, dress for comfort first and style second. Whether you're hitting the gym in your favourite leggings or strutting down the street in your killer heels, when you feel comfortable in what you're wearing, everything else falls into place.

My Go-To Comfort Pieces



Jeans are a staple piece, but let's face it, they can hurt the crotch area, and if there is not even a little stretch to them, good luck sitting down all day.

My go-to comfy and stylish jeans are The Claudia Mom Jeans from Dynamite. They have a stretch to them, are super flattering (give that hour glass look) and cute, and best part is, they're priced at $69.95 CAD, you'll never buy jeans from anywhere else again.


Some sneakers, no matter how much you've broken them in, will give you blisters and refuse to get comfy.

Here are my favourite pair of sneakers that literally match EVERYTHING, are super affordable, but most importantly, comfortable - I didn't have to break them in one bit!

The New Balance 530's are probably my favourite sneakers, easy to wash, and I can walk miles in them! They're also only $130.00  CAD and can be found at Brown Shoes, Little Burgundy, New Balance and so many other popular sneaker stores.





Everyone needs an oversized blazer in their wardrobe. You can mix and match these pieces with dressier looks just as well as you can mix and match it with a stylish pair of leggings.

I love mixing my ribbed leggings, grey oversized blazer with a white tee and New Balance sneakers - it's a signature look for me! I also love pairing my blazers with the Dynamite jeans I mentioned above and a pair of loafers - a perfect everyday business casual vibe.

So what blazer is my go-to? Zara never fails on an oversized blazer, and their prices are great - only $79.90 CAD for absolute fabulousness and comfort.

Here's a video of another way I paired my favourite Zara blazer with my made apparel leggings. 




As fun as it is dressing up, it feels even better wearing a tracksuit that is soft, stylish, and flattering. This year cargo track pants went viral all over social media, and I'm proud to say that the new made cargo tracksuit compares to all the hype!

The made tracksuit has a lightweight, terrycloth fabric that's suitable for warmer months.  It feels like you're wearing a cloud and cherry on top is the "no risk, no story" phrase on the back.  What's life without a little risk, what if that risk is leading us to the exact life we've always dreamed of? 

So there you have it girls, my ode to the power of a good outfit - it all begins with being comfortable. Remember that when you feel good in what you're wearing, everything else falls into place.

Leave a comment below and share your favourite comfy finds! I'd love to add some new pieces to my wardrobe! 

Until next time, stay inspired!





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